Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a revolting development...

So, in an unpleasant development a few days ago, I was examining the sponges on my snowpea plant and looking at the roots. Then, one of the roots started moving!

You guessed it. Some critter had decided to lay its eggs in the sponge, and suddenly there were dozens of little creepy crawlies in the sponge material. Sadly, I thought that starting an indoor garden would mean freedom from critters, but because of the light and water I've had to deal with whiteflies, fruit flies, and now these mysterious little wormies.

I tried picking them out, but there were just too many (plus, I can getting a bit sick to my stomach). In a moment of desperation, I took some drops of boiling water, and dropped it in the sponge. Surely enough, this killed the worms, but it looks like it also killed the snowpea. So long story short,that's two snowpeas down, five left.

Anyway, a moment of silence for the one pea pod that was taken before its time :(

In better news, I got home to a cute little box delivered by the mailman.

I opened it up, and there, wonderfully packed, was my replacement Aerogarden pods, one peapod and one mesclun.

I took out the offending snow pea seed pod out and replaced it with this one. We'll see in 6-12 days if it sprouts, and if it can catch up to its siblings.

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