Sunday, July 19, 2009

The basil has...well, you know.

So, the basil is showing off again. Check out the growth after just a few days. In some ways I wonder if the basil is hogging all the nutrients from the others. The mint is holding its own, but the parsley and the thyme is anemic, and the purple basil is barely hanging on. I would contact Aerogarden for a replacement, but no big loss if I don't get purple basil growing, as I prefer using regular basil anyway.

So, you know the trend by now. I chopped a healthy piece of basil off.

I decided to do something special to my Nutrisystem Pizza by converting it to a Margherita Pizza. Now, the way the "Nutrisystem Pizza" works is, it's a slab of flatbread the size of a Pop Tart. You slather on the tomato sauce that comes in a little packet, and then you put on grated cheese. I decided to add my fresh basil before sticking it in the oven.

I gotta say, it turned out incredible. The added taste of the basil transformed it from a ho-hum pizza slightly under the quality of a frozen pizza to, I kid you not, a gourmet meal. The smell of the cheese and the tomato sauce and the basil was nothing short of heavenly, and the taste was great. It didn't look too shabby either.

In other news, check this out. Could that be a tiny snowpea peeking out?

I admit, I am a little worried about the snowpeas, because I think I made the wire "trellises" too late. I was supposed to do it when the plants were 1-2 inches tall, but I waited until they got long. So they're not being supported too well now--they're not wrapping around the trellisses, but rather drooping back to the Aerogarden itself. I tried shoring up a couple plants by adding more wire to serve as support, so we'll see if this helps. Still, I do see a couple flowers, and this looks a lot like a pea pod, so we'll see.

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