Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feeding the three new Aerogardens

It's kind of nice to have the Aerogardens up again. I like coming home late at night and having my apartment lit up, instead of having to grope through the darkness.

It's officially been two weeks now, which means it's time for the Aerogardens' first feedings. Right on cue, the lights started blinking.

For some strange reason, on two of the units the lights started blinking a few days ago. But let's see if pressing the "reset" button today will synchronize all three units again.

The unit on the top of the three-shelf unit is the Mesclun. So far, it looks preetty good, although there's still one pod which hasn't sprouted yet.

With the reliable Herb kit, all the plants are now officially sprouted. The chives and basil are especially active.

Some of the snow peas are growing huge, but there are still two pods which haven't sprouted yet. I hear that AeroGrow may replace pods which never sprout, so I'll give it a few days and if there's still nothing, I'll probably shoot them an email asking about that.

I fed the Herb Aerogarden first. I think the seed kit must be an older one, because the nutrient tablets are all in the same bag, and they're all moist and stuck together.

I really like the "individually wrapped" tablets in the snow pea and lettuce kits. Makes everything a whole lot cleaner. Here's a picture of me putting the tablets into the snow peas. You can see a healthy root system is already growing.

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