Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Building Trellises for the Snowpeas

So, it's always good to read the manual, right? I got these twisted wires in the package with my Aerogarden snowpeas, and I had no idea what to do with them.

Finally, I decided to give in and read the manual. It turns out that the wires are meant to provide support to the snowpea plants. And boy do they need them. I said in the last post that the plants were getting "tall", but that wasn't entirely accurate. They were spreading out all over the place, and the cool-but-just-a-little-creepy tiny little vines were starting to look for things to grab and wrap themselves around.

The instructions were pretty lo-tech. The first thing you do is wrap the pre-cut wire around your finger.

You then take your coil and put it on top of your growing plants. It turns out I was a little late--I was supposed to set these up when the plants were about 1 inch long, so I ended up gingerly wrapping the young plants inside the coil.

The plants look much happier standing up now. I needed to raise the lights a few more notches, but I think everything's back on track again now.

The mesclun is still doing well too.

While they're still young, I decided to start harvesting some of the leaves and eating them as part of a wholesome Nutrisystem meal. You can read about it in my other blog, Nutwiisystem.Com.

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