Monday, December 31, 2012

Tips from the AeroGarden Ultra and Overachieving Basil...again

One of the things I was most looking forward to seeing were "tips" from the AeroGarden Ultra. I saw that my first one was available yesterday (yes, that's me up at 3:42 AM due to jetlag).

I clicked OK and got the following "tip".

Okay, not exactly an earth-shattering tip, but I did like the fact that they reiterated their "Guaranteed to Grow" policy, where if a seed pod does not sprout, they'll replace it for free. Readers of this blog will remember that I used this guarantee a few times and was always very happy with the results.

On day 3, just two days after planting the garden, lookie at what we have here:

Yes, as we've seen in previous gardens, the basil is overachieving and is the first to pop up. This is even quicker than in previous gardens; I'd attribute this not necessarily to the AeroGarden Ultra, but more so to the fact that I've planted the seed pod immediately after receiving it rather than waiting weeks or months.

We are in business!

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