Thursday, December 6, 2012

Aerogarden Ultra is on the way...for real this time!

Mystery solved of why we haven't been getting out Aerogaeden Ultras...this came in my email today...

Dear AeroGardener,

Thank you for being one of the first to purchase our all new AeroGarden ULTRA. We had planned for the first shipment of this exciting new product to arrive at our warehouse several weeks ago, but due to a random customs inspection and an extended port strike on the west coast, their arrival was delayed.

I am now pleased to announce the first shipment is arriving at our warehouse today and your AeroGarden ULTRA order will be shipped immediately. Thank you for your patience, and I think you’re going to find it was well worth the wait. The ULTRA is our biggest, fastest, smartest garden ever and it has been very well received.

This first shipment of ULTRAs is completely sold out, so we’re pleased we can send you one from this shipment. The next shipment is due in next week and is already selling out fast - and guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas. I was fortunate enough to receive one of the first ULTRAs off of the production line and have already put it through some rigorous testing. I’ve grown lots of AeroGardens over the years, but the ULTRA has truly given me my best growing experience ever. My plants germinated faster, look healthier and even seem to be growing faster – I've been growing romaine lettuce on my counter at home for about a month now and it tastes incredible! But, the real difference is in the MyGarden control panel. It keeps me engaged and informed on a level that I couldn’t have imagined.

My Wife said it has quickly become her favorite appliance in our kitchen – and wow, is it ever beautiful. Thank you and Happy Holidays from all of us here at AeroGrow.

Mike Wolfe
President and CEO AeroGrow International, Inc.

Once I get the Aerogarden, I'll be posting the unboxing here, along with my unbiased review. If you want yours right now, it's back in stock here:

Aerogarden Ultra Introductory Special!

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Unknown said...

Just stumbled upon your blog while looking for split apart baskets. I'm as giddy as you sound because these are finally shipping! I managed to buy 2 of them with the $25 off sale and BOGO half off coupon. Getting a 2nd Ultra for $112 is a steal. Did you notice the coupons at the bottom of the email? One of them was for $15 off any $15 or more purchase! Every once in a while they have a sitewide sale that doesn't require a coupon code, hopefully it happens again before these coupons expire. The last time I noticed they did that was a couple ago and I ordered a seed kit with a personal coupon code. Just out of curiosity what seed kit did you get with yours? I got mine with the sweet peppers and gourmet herbs kits. I wish they offered more variety but you can see that they are pushing the "ability to go grow tall" is there by having 2 of the 3 offered kits are tall unit compatible only and of course gourmet herb thrown in there to appeal to 60% of Aero Garden users which is basically a fancy indoor herb garden.

On a side note for you or any followers of your blog AeroGrow has a very good customer support system. Despite my complaints about lack of variety when you order one of the units, if you call they will swap out for a different seed kit. I do not know if they will do it for a custom or grow anything kit but they were willing for a "regular" one. When I called to swap out the gourmet herbs they said that they could do it but that they would have to cancel my order and submit a new one. If I did that though I would lose my place in queue for the shipment of the new units and get moved to the back of the waiting line... I'll just put the seed kit on eBay and hope for the best. It's nice that they will do that but you really shouldn't have to.