Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 89: Changing out the water of the Aerogarden

Well, as I mentioned in an earlier blog posting, I was supposed to dump the water and rinse out the unit every four weeks. I didn't exactly follow the schedule that the user manual told me to, but it didn't seem to affect the growth of the plants.

This is actually pretty cool--check out what the root growth of the basil plants looks like now:

I dumped out the water, washed the unit out so it was like new, and then carefully replaced the plants, roots and all, into the unit. I filled it with water, and put two new nutrient tablets in.
As you might guess, the plants were hitting the lights again. I pruned the basil and don't really care anymore that I'm throwing it out anymore :)
I still have a long list of new recipes to try. The Aerogarden manual had recipes for spaghetti with basil and garlic and, get this, basil-lime sorbet. My friend Penelope sent me a recipe for tomato-basil soup which I'll make as soon as I buy myself a food processor. Maybe when I get that, I'll also try out the banana-basil smoothie recipe my friend Kim sent me :)
Also, stay tuned. Within the next week or two, we'll go on to my other Aerogarden and will attempt to grow...cherry tomatoes!

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