Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 86: Aeroponic and hydroponic technology at EPCOT in Disney World

I just returned from my first trip to Disney World in 10 years, and once again I took the "Living With the Land" boat ride. This is the ride that first got me excited about aeroponic technology back when I was young. Here's their basil garden:

It's funny, but in 10 years, the ride seems much the same as I remembered it. Of course, now they're growing a lot more varieties now than before, and they're using these in cooking all around restaurants all over the Disney World parks.

But in my wildest dreams, ten years ago I wouldn't have been able to imagine I'd be able to have my own aeroponic garden growing in my own living room. It just seemed the stuff of science fiction. Even today, people are still going on that ride and coming off it talking about how the technology is so far away. Little do they know you can have the same technology inside your house today.

If someone from Aerogrow is reading this, here's a potentially great marketing tip for you: talk with the Disney folks about selling Aerogardens (with Disney-licensed characters on the box, of course) in the gift shops in "The Land" exhibition at EPCOT. Chances are you'll sell a ton of them--you'll have thousands upon thousands of people who have just learned about the technology and would jump at the chance to bring one home. You can even put mouse ears on top of them ;)

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