Friday, July 31, 2015

So long...for a while

Sorry that my posts in 2015 have been so sporadic, but it's for pretty good reason. In August, I have another "little sprout" coming. It's our first baby and she'll be a little girl. And so the time I'd otherwise spend tending to my plants, I'm going to be using to tend to her.

So, a lot of folks have been asking...whatever happened to the strawberries? Well, after my last post a few months ago I did have a few more harvests, but the strawberries never quite got as prolific nor as big as I'd hoped. I think this is just a natural drawback of AeroGarden's "grow bowl". The roots of the plants can't grow deep, so they just kind of spread around the shallow bowl. As such, the plants never quite felt anchored or stable.

What did my strawberries in, though, were the critters, Having an open bowl with organic plant material and water is like putting out a welcome mat for all kinds of bugs, including our old friend the fungus gnats. After a while it just wasn't worth it anymore.

And so that's it for now. I've packed my Aerogardens away for the time being, but don't worry, I'll be back. I still have my houseplants that I'll be writing about from time to time, and as new hydroponic technology hits the scene such as the NIWA, I'll definitely post about it here.

See you in a bit :)

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