Saturday, April 23, 2011

What baby chilis look like

So, remember the question I asked last week about what chilis look like when they're brand new? Here's the answer.

There are tiny little flowers growing among the chili plant leaves (which are gigantic now). I'm going to assume that this is what's going to grow into a beautiful hot chili in a few weeks.

Both the herbs and the chilis are sucking up water like crazy. The tub was almost empty in both today, so I spent a few minutes filling them up again.

The cilantro is doing something interesting. Remember how I said that the early plants grew and then flopped down? Turns out out of one "flopped down" part spawned a bunch of cilantro leaves which are finally looking like cilantro. In other words, in the picture below it looks like there are a whole bunch of stems coming out of the seed pod, but in actuality there are only one or two stems which branch off into others.

In the meantime, all the herbs are still doing well except the parsley, which is still looking the most anemic of all of them. Come on parsley, you can do it!

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T. Poole said...

Your plants look good. My parsley is also looking a little sad, but my cilantro is a no go. Keep up the good work. Your pictures are so helpful to me.