Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Second Plant: yur fiahed!

With apologies to Donald Trump...

Remember way back when I told a story of two plants? The plant to the left was an eager overachiever from the start, while the one to the right took the longest time popping out.

Aerogrow was nice enough to send another pod, but as I got it in the mail, the second plant finally popped up.  While I never really expected much from it, I figured I'd let it ride and see what happened.

Well, if you take a look at the garden. it's a little misleading.

It looks like both plants are thriving. But upon closer examination, the bulk of the foliage is from the plant on the left. The plant on the right really never produced a thing. It grew big, and it's sucking up a lot of the water and the nutrients, but at the end it never produced any flowers. A few weeks ago, some buds did form, but within a few days they dried up and fell off.

So, as it says in the Good Book, "any tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire". I tried all I could to get this plant to produce, but at the end it never did. So, off with its head.

Interesting still, when I removed the pod from the Aerogarden, three gnats flew out. Yes, the same gnats that I spent the last post trying to get rid of. Seems that the gnats were flying their way to the bottom of the stalk and laying eggs in the seed pod the whole time! Yet another reason to get rid of the underachieving plant.

So, it's down to one plant, but as you can see it's filled up the unit quite nicely on its own.  Hopefully now that it will get all the light and all the nutrients it'll step up even more.

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