Saturday, May 16, 2009

Transplanting Aerogarden Parsley into Containers

Remember the parsley Aerogarden I kept going? Well, the parsley was still alive after all these months, even with no nutrient tablets. In fact, the root systems had gotten impressively thick. Here's what it looked like:

And even though the plants in the living room had gotten whiteflies, it looks like they stayed away from the parsley. I noticed that the pump on the unit had stopped working (since this unit is a few years old, it's probably to be expected), and while the lights were dutifully going on and off every day, the water in the unit started to get stagnant. So I decided to pull the plug.
Interestingly, after letting the Aerogarden sit for months and months, it grew some odd deposits of salt and minerals on the outside. I'm not sure what the cause of this is, but it must have to do with the evaporation of what was in the nutrient tablets. The good news is, a quick rinse in the sink and the unit was as good as new.

Using the same technique I used to transplant my Aerogarden plants to containers back when I had the basil plants, I potted the parsley into containers.

I put them in the bedroom, far, far away from the living room and the whiteflies. I'm not sure if they'll last (you might recall my attempts to transplant sage didn't work), but I think the good, thick root systems will give them a fighting chance.
So now, all three Aerogardens are empty. I may need to find a replacement pump for the one unit, and of course I need to get those whitefly traps just to make sure the whiteflies don't proliferate and find their way back to the new plants I'm growing in the Aerogarden.

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