Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 182 / Day 117 - How to use up a whole lot of parsley

On January 10, my Holiday Herb Aerogarden looked like this. The oregano had grown back a little, the thyme was hanging in there, but the parsley was going crazy.

My goal at this point was to use up the parsley. My plan for now is to retire both the tomato Aerogarden and the Holiday Herb Aerogarden. Then I'd take a little break from the Aerogardening to give time for the remaining whiteflies to disappear. (Don't worry, I'll be back with new Aerogardens soon enough!)

Anyway, I had a TON of parsley to use up. So, I scoured the Web to find recipes that used parsley. A LOT of parsley.

I went to my favorite site, AllRecipes.Com, and found a recipe for Parsley-Stuffed Flank Steak. The ingredients were simple enough--flank steak, Romano cheese, garlic, and parsley. I went to the supermarket and bought me a big ol' flank steak (which had a big ol' price tag). The rest of the stuff I had already.

I started by cutting some parsley from the Aerogarden, estimating how much I'd need for 1/2 cup. Happily, the critters didn't seem to care for the taste, so they were clean. I washed them anyway, and put them on the cutting board.

Then, I chopped them. As you can guess, I had a bit more than 1/2 cup.

The next step was stuffing the flank steak. Now, I've never stuffed a flank steak before, but it seemed simple enough. Sprinkle on the parsley, then the cheese, then the garlic, roll it up, and then wrap it all in foil.

Here's how it came out. In retrospect, I probably should have cut the meat thinner, but it didn't matter, because it was amazing. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the ones that turn out the nicest.

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