Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 115 / Day 51 - Do my eyes deceive me?

Here's an interesting turn of events. Only two days since the last post, I looked at the same three tomatoes, and check them out:

That's right--they're actually TURNING RED! Maybe my little gag of putting the big ripe BJ's tomatoes next to them inspired them.
Now, before you get too excited, remember that on the whole vine, these are the only three tomatoes that ever grew. But still, if I can bring these three little guys to harvest, I'm going to declare victory.
Now, I have to start to think...what do I do with these tomatoes when they're ready?
Should I...
...put them in a garden salad with my lettuce? (which I fear I've damaged for good the other day)
...make another BLT, slicing the tomato in 0.5mm slices to fill up the bread?
...make a teaspoon of tomato sauce and eat it with a strand of spaghetti? out a hungry bunny?
...make a teaspoon of tomato juice so I can make myself a shotglass of Bloody Mary?
Decisions, decisions....

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