Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 71 / Day 7 - And They're Off

Perhaps inspired by their lettuce brethren in the apartment above it, a few little yellow buds finally appeared on the tomato plants!

There are about 3-4 yellow flowers and a whole bunch of green buds that have no hint of yellow yet. The flowers aren't open yet, but once they do, the manual says I'm going to have to do the work of a bee and pollinate the flowers by shaking the plant. Such is the glamorous life of the indoor gardener.

Here's what the tomato garden looks like today.

I still get the nagging feeling that the tomato plant is a bit behind schedule. Not only are there not too many flowers, some of the leaves seem to be drying out at the edges, even though there's plenty of water in the unit. Let's hope the green buds start sprouting flowers soon.

On the other hand, the salad greens don't have that problem. They just keep on growing. Today, I removed the plastic hoods from 3 of the pods. Here's what one of them looked like:

Not to be outdone, the herbs on the top shelf have started to sprout too! I have to stand on a chair on my tiptoes to see, but the oregano and thyme are up and we're still waiting for the parsley and the sage. Here's what the thyme is looking like:

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Lori Gaston said...

Good timing on the tomatoes and salad greens! You're tomatoes will just have begun ripening, I think, by the time you're picking your salads!
I've found a really helpful forum that you might want to check out. (or do a google search for "aerogardengrowers") They post a ton of pictures, advice, etc on their AeroGarden seed kits or what seeds they are trying on their own. Especially helpful advice on how to play "bee"!!!