Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 50: Update on the Tomatoes

Today's post will be uncharacteristically short. Just wanted to update you on how the tomatoes are doing.

As you can see, the plants are much bigger, and I even had to move the notch up one because the leaves were getting a bit close to them. You can also see the happy basil sneaking in the picture.

About a week ago, the nutrient light went on, so I plopped two new tablets in. The plants are also drinking up a ton of water, so I refilled the basin at least twice.

Still no flowers, but there are tiny, itty bitty little buds that look like they may be turn into flowers. Check out this extreme close-up. Admittedly, I'm not as impressed by the buds as I am by the fact that my Canon camcorder can take extreme close-up pictures like this.

While the tomatoes are still behind the schedule the manual seemed to say they'd follow, but so far so good. The funny thing is that it's September 1, and in the past an old tomato farmer like me would start to think about tearing up his tomato garden just about now. But the way this thing is going, harvest should be happening sometime in the middle of winter!
More soon.

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