Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 47: More Yumminess

I actually still have an older Aerogarden growing, and the cilantro had grown huge, because I just didn't have any recipes for cilantro.

So, I searched and found a recipe on AllRecipes.Com that uses a lot of cilantro and basil too! It's cilantro fried rice.

So, I harvested a big bunch of cilantro from my old Aerogarden and a bunch of basil from my new one.

Add in some high quality rice, some fish sauce, some sugar, some chicken, some garlic, and put it all into a big ol' wok, and this is what I got.

No kidding, this was the most delicious thing I've cooked in a while. It was also a great way to use fish sauce, which I've had an unused bottle of sitting in my cabinet for about four years now (yes, I did do a Google search and learned that fish sauce never goes bad!)

1 comment:

Penelope said...

My fish sauce never last 4 years in my cabinet! Looks yummy, you need to bring some in when I am in the office.