Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 15: Feed Me!

Check out how big the plants are already. And right on cue, the "Add Water" and "Add Nutrients" lights started to blink.

The International Basil kit is a little different than the regular herb kit. With the regular herb kit, you basically just fill up the water and drop in two more nutrient tablets.

With the basil kit, you have to dump all the water out, refill it, and then drop the nutrient tablets in. It's a little bit more work (okay, the same amount of "work" as taking a bucket of water and dumping it into the sink), but it's nice to know that the Aerogarden people have literally got it down to a science how much nutrients and lights these plants need for optimal growth.

I'm starting to get curious as to what I can do with all the basil. They each have a very distinct aroma, so it'll be interesting to see what kind of flavor it gives the first batch of pesto I'll be attempting to make with it.

Anyway, I refilled the unit with fresh water, pressed the "reset" button, and surely enough the lights stopped blinking.

Here's an interesting look into the "innards" of the Aerogarden. When I refilled the basin, I had to remove the top from the unit, which revealed how the technology works. The roots literally grow right into the water and get their nutrients right from the dissolved nutrient tablets, skipping the "middleman" of the soil!


Unknown said...

Hows things going now its July? Are you still enjoying using your Aerogarden?

Steve said...

Am I ever! :) Click on the title on top of the blog and you'll see the latest.

I have a second Aerogarden, which I'll be using to plant tomatoes. Should be cool :)